Checkout Tax and Shipping Display

I know I have a couple of questions going on out there, but I have come up with them at different times so I really am not trying to annoy anyone on purpose.

My new questions are how to remove the way the tax is displayed on the checkout page and why my shipping estimates are different. These questions are better explained in my picture that is attached. By the way this is my first time with prtscrn and I see why other people use it. I appreciate any help that you all can give.



your shipping prices in the drop down box are without the tax added.

if you want to remove the tax then you will need to modifiy the code in the checkout.tpl

Thanks Ashtec.

I looked at checkout.tpl before I posted this question, but couldn’t figure out what to do. After your post I looked at checkout.tpl again and commented out what I thought needed to be and the next thing I know I have it looking the way I want it. This isn’t the first time I have ended up just fooling around with the code to get the results that I want, but I have learned to just comment things out and always have at least one backup of the file that I am changing. Thanks again.


i would not worry about it too. dont think customers noticed it too much. Some shops here add tax on to the shipping charges and some dont.

You could always setup a FAQ page on your shop explaining it.