checkout_summary hook

I can easily see all my order information in the $cart variable, but I wanted to capture the authorization/Original Response Id from Payflo Pro.

Are there any hooks I can use to do this, or must I modify payflo_pro.php to save $_auth and $_transaction_id?


Scott Emick

DBA - Programmer

The credit card information can be picked up from the orders.php page using the get_order_info($order, $addditional_info) hook. The information is in the $order variable in a variable called payment_info.

[payment_info] => Array
[card] => mcd
[card_number] => 5000000000000000
[cardholder_name] => Joe Bob
[expiry_month] => 02
[expiry_year] => 13
[cvv2] => 667
[reason_text] => Result: 12; Declined;
[transaction_id] => V19A2C0B1062
[order_status] => F