Checkout Registration With Recaptcha

I am having all kinds of problems lately with customers not being able to checkout due to reCaptcha for registering during checkout. I use a single page checkout and at the top of the page (typical) there is the option to register or do guest checkout. If they want to register and they click the "I am not a robot" box by the time they fill out their information the reCaptcha time has expired so they can't checkout for that reason. So many customers don't understand what is going on as it is confusing.

My questions are these:

  1. Since I am on a heavily modified version of 4.3.1 how does checkout work these days to not have this issue?
  2. Did Google recently change to a 30 second time out? Not sure why this has become so much more noticeable over the last few months but need to find a fix as I know I am losing countless sales over customers just walking away from not being able to pay.

I have tried getting rid of registration at checkout and changing the order around to have guest checkout first but then it seems my customers can't checkout at all due to some type of glitch within my cart when I mess with those settings.