Checkout Process

Recently, I’ve been having this problem at the checkout process.

Whenever my customers finish shopping and click the submit button for the check out, on my end, it appears open and on their end, it keeps saying that it’s in progree, please wait. I know that this is usual, but my problem is, this wait time is extremely long and many customers go back and click the submit the button again and duplicate the order.

I realized that when I log into my account, the payment already had gone through even though the checkout page is still pending and running.

I’ve been having a lot of issues about this lately, and really want this to be fixed!!!

Sounds like you have an issue with your payment provider. I.e. what/whom ever you are using is either not returning after the payment request or you have an error somewhere. Check your php error_log and also have one of your customers check their browser error console when this occurs.

What payment method is being used?