Checkout Process Stuck

Having real problems just sorting out the shipping & taxes!

I set up a localization to United Kingdom, GB Pounds and English.

When I test a purchase, during the checkout process as a guest, it will not seem to let me progress past Step 2 - Address. It does not seem to refresh past this and let me move to Step 3 - Shipping Method.

I’ve setup a shipping method and used Manual Rate Calculation and selected the localization for it but it still doesn’t work. I have noticed that :

Shipping/Taxes > Shipping methods > Shipping Charges tab, that there is nothing next to the text " Show rates for location: ". Not sure if there should be something here?

On the product page, I have selected the ‘Localization’ and for ‘Shipping Freight’ have entered 4.95 as the shipping fee. Still not luck on the checkout page. ‘Free shipping’ option is deselected.

Any ideas please?

If you have the Supplier addon, you need to make sure those suppliers can use that method. Go into the shipping method, and then CTRL + CLICK all the suppliers that can use it.