Checkout process and cart abandonment

[quote name=‘sellon’]Ion_Cannon,

I see you site look pretty good and complete and that why I am saying this is 97% there except for the nightmare order processing logic.

How you dealing with this issue currently? and Is it driving your customers mad or driving them away the fact they are afraid they will get multiple orders and be charged multiple time…or do you have a workaround currently?

And, how many orders on average would have to fix up any issues due to payment failure or user error?

I am pretty keen on using CS-Cart now but need to understand how I am going to deal with this nightmare issue.[/QUOTE]

I don’t see that it is driving people away from my site but I know for a fact it is frustrating to people and they get confused. We’ve had SEVERAL people e-mail us complaining and page us on Livehelp regarding the issue. Our conversions are okay but I really hope it is fixed by the next holiday season, as we do 50% of our business in November and December as our items are gift related…it could become a huge PIA at that time and I’ll be PISSED.

I see this as an important issue as do many of you, therefore have submitted this in the bug tracker.

Your input will perhaps convince and speed things up a bit.:


tbirnseth has made a paid mod to address this issue. You can find more information at:


If you would like to see this issue addressed in the standard cart, you can vote in the new UserVoice area: