Checkout page layout

Currently the checkout page drops the standard left and right columns, and adds the “cart items” on the right.

Can we maintain the 3 column layout from the rest of the site and drop the “cart items”? Just have the checkout process in the center content area?

Design > Blocks > Checkout Tab … click on individual boxes and enable them… it should work!

That’ll help get the columns back…any idea how to disable the “cart items” box?

You have to actually remove that part of the code from your checkout_steps.tpl file.

Joe and I created a mod that does what you want and a little more. You can see it at:


If you don’t want everything we did, you could probably just pick out what you want.


Thanks, Brandon. I was able to remove that code from checkout.tpl.

Closer now, but still struggling with getting blocks on that page.