Checkout Page & Function With Change It


I want to create a “field” for example for retail & Wholesale

PS: Let me add here that just below this field there are some fields like the Profession Tax & VAT

I would like to somehow change the function of the first field and if possible to become the following change

If choosing the Retail field others fields not be required, if one chooses to be demanding Wholesale to is required

There is a plugin that can do this job or if somehow create a small code for help us

Thanks in advance


this change will require modification of multiple files and can't be done easily

however our specialists will be glad to develop it for you so please don't hesitate to contact us

best regards,

WSA team

In cs-cart, generally usergroups are used to distinguish different types of users and their access to resources and/or data like pricing.

Xmmmm ok i understand… Thank you for your time

If the request is still actual, our team is at your service!