:: Checkout page bottom portion blank!

Hello All,

I have a problem with checking out, when i select item to purchase and go to my shopping cart and click on checkout button, it takes me to another page, and all i see is the top portion of the store (Menus, Store Logo, Search Area), but the bottom part is blank, does anyone know of any fixes for this, or what might be causing this?


Also I have removed “One Click Checkout” it also goes blank when i go to customer information part “index.php?target=checkout&mode=customer_info”

as above top part displays bottom part missing…

A reason for this happening to save anyone who has this problem knocking their head against a brick wall is the single page checkout option is checked.




single page checkout

( All focus might be on version 2. bla bla but its the little people who count :slight_smile: )