Checkout issues

In the last couple of days we have have 2 unusual orders

the first where a new customer was able to checkout without giving a home or delivery address so when we checked the order the details were blank (this also led to them having no delivery charges added)

the second, where we got nothing about the customer at all. no email, name, address etc, just them item and the payment details, again with them being charged nothing for delivery as a result.

We contacted the first customer who advised that she had had to refresh a ‘screen’ during the checkout but couldnt be specific so we’re none the wiser to what happened.

For the second customer - we’re awaiting for them to contact us, as we had to request our bank to contact them on our behalf as we have nothing about them apart from thier name and money.

Both used our RBSWorldpay payment processor, but we dont suspect that as the payment values must have been calculated without postage before being passed to them.

The anonymous checkout is turned off and singlepage checkout turn on.

At the same time we have had new customers processed without issues and we’ve tried everything to replicate the problems, but cannot.

Has anyone else seen this issue or something similar?

Are there any logs that will help us track when these customers did?

Any help apperciated as this is the first issue we’re had with cscart processing payaments/carts in the 10 months since using it

It could be that both of those customers had javascript turned off in their browsers. The cart does not do a secondary check on required field values with php to make sure that they are filled in. The only check the cart does is a javascript check, with it off you can proceed without entering any information.

Payment information is required though for the processor to return something other than failed. Sounds like you’re also processing payments without requiring an AVS check, which can be problematic if you get any chargebacks.

This might not be the reason but you can ask the customer to check their browser to at least eliminate or confirm that this is the reason.