Checkout gift message

I am wondering if anyone has done something like this before.

My products are gift baskets and care packages etc… and I want to allow the person on checkout to add a gift message (some text that I will receive in the admin area or email invoice) that will tell me what the user entered to be put on the card for example.

I haven’t looked at the code yet, but I am just thinking of adding a textarea on the checkout top and maybe adding a new field in one of the MySQL tables…

Anyone have any ideas???

Thanks in advance for your time.

Delta did you or anyone figure this out yet?

How about adding a textarea global option for “Gift Card Note”. You can bulk apply the option within the global options interface.

I did that and it shows up everywhere! In the products list for EACH item. Then it only lets you input ONE line of text (using “text area”).

anyone know a good fix to show this only in checkout??

[quote name=‘paulesport’]anyone know a good fix to show this only in checkout??[/QUOTE]

There is already a field marked “If you have any notes regarding the order please put them here:”

Why not change this text to say “Please add a gift message to be include on a card”…

Yeah I thought of that too but what if the customer has specific directions. I was trying to duplicate the box. However, the data input for customer notes is later pulled by the “order details” , the invoice, and “order details” in the admin section. It uses the variable $order_info.notes|replace: in this line of code in the customer side order_details.tpl ```php




What I would like to know is where can I create a new variable for gift notes....without having to go into mySQL.

I would also like to know this.