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In case you are adding the new input via your own code, as eComLabs has correctly stated, for and id should match. Also in the script, you need to replace the text elm_id with actual element ID, in your case it has to be xx.

In case you will add the new profile field using built-in tools, you may need to make additional changes in the design/themes/responsive/templates/views/profiles/components/profile_fields.tpl template. To be more specific, you can use the hook profiles:profile_fieldsprofiles:profile_fields to override it where you need to make changes to the default code where label element is defined:


In a way, that the cm-regexp class will be added to the profile field, which requires validation.

thanks for your reply,,,

i found the hook ,,,,

{hook name="profiles:profile_fields"}
{if ($pref_field_name != $field.description || $required == "Y") && $field.field_type != "ProfileFieldTypes::VENDOR_TERMS"|enum} {$field.description} {/if}
{if $field.field_type == "ProfileFieldTypes::STATE"|enum}
    {$_country = $profile_data.s_country}
    {$_state = $value}



{elseif $field.field_type == "ProfileFieldTypes::COUNTRY"|enum}
    {$_country = $value}

        {if $required !== "Y"}
        {if $states && $states.$_country}
            {foreach from=$states.$_country item=state}


{elseif $field.field_type == "ProfileFieldTypes::COUNTRY"|enum}
    {$_country = $value}