Checkout - Credit Card Field + Tab Key = Cc Number Wiped

On the Checkout page if you hit the TAB key while your cursor is in the Credit Card field your cursor will advance to the next field as it should but it will wipe clear the just entered CC number. Not sure if this is by design or a bug, or if it’s something I want to try and correct?

I don't have this problem on any of my stores. I did see something similar to this happen this morning though. The problem was that was set on test mode. I changed it to live mode and the credit card stuff worked fine.

I'm not saying that is your problem, but if you do use, it might be worth looking at.



Thanks Brandon, we do use, not currently in test mode.

I tested in Firefox and Chrome with the same result - pressing tab key to move from CC# field to the next field wipes the CC#. Perhaps it's a cscart v4.3 feature?

I tested this on a couple of 4.3 stores and it worked just fine. Actually, I just had to do a test order on one today and purposely made sure I used the tab button, just so I could be sure for the whole order process and everything worked fine.

This test order was done with 4.3 using Firefox.

Maybe someone else has some ideas?



The TAB navigation is within the browser. So it must be some custom JS that is interfering with it. There is no ajax related to the CC number field, only the CC type field.

I have the same problem on V4.0.3. Enter 8 digits of credit card number and press tab, the CC field cleared. Also, if you double click the centre of CC field, then input credit card number, the system can't recognize the type of the card.

Can you reproduce this on the cs-cart demo site? If not, then it's something you've added that is breaking things.

Can't reproduce this on demo site. But I did a fresh install of 4.0.3 on my server, still the same problem. It seems once you click the empty space in the card number box, the cursor can't set its position to follow the last number you entered. The cursor just stays at the position that your mouse clicked.

The bug is fixed in 4.1.1

[color=#555555][!] Checkout: Spaces were appended to the card number field if its end was clicked and the card number could not be entered. Fixed.[/color]

Thanks for that good news sjtc, patiently waiting for 411 to show up in my upgrade center

same here, in 4.0.3 when you enter card number you get a weird 4 spaces in first portion and then you need to replace it all with new numbers , lost 80% sales on this as of know ( tracking the abandonned carts)

This issue is fixed for me with update 4.1.2 (possibly with 4.1.1 as well).

Tab order is perfect (navigates through each step in order) and no issues with card number.

Still not sure why they auto capitalize the name though, that's not how it appears on my card…