Checkout Button

I need to explain to me a mistake I have. I tried changing the Checkout button, and I made a mistake. To find out where I was working I wrote xx. I saw that I changed the button but when I want to write the necessary fix I can not. the button is written as "_checkxxout. " I need to fix this and I would like to know if I can help. qe need the button says

EN: English "Print Shopping List" ,
ES: Spanish "Imprimir Lista de Compra"

other observation whenever I edit some text before the text I get. _TEXT

Generally, when you see a label of “something" it means that it is searching for “something” in the language variable table and is not finding a match. It then prefixes a "” and uses the variable name. So search for where you have "$lang.checkout " Note the space you have a the end of the variable name.