Checkout asking customers to input credit card information twice

Well, do post a screen capture of what you are describing & that should trigger some more thoughts.

And yes, with some reading you should be able to get things under control again! :wink:

Hey Struck. Just to let yea know i figured out why it was asking for credit card information twice in case this question comes around again.

I put the website in customization mode and went to the order page after placing an order. and when i customized the layout for the page there was a file called views/orders/components/order_repay.tpl

went in and just took all the code out and it doesnโ€™t show up any more. so problem solved!

Good for you, glad to hear!

So at least the immediate crisis issue is solved & you can work more at your leisure.

ya the immediate crisis is over ha, but there are other issues to figure out