Checkout And Email Notification

I have the following issue.

When the email notification for the orders section is on, the checkout time after order submission is about 2-4 mins.

If the email notification is turned off, the checkout occurs instantly, as it should.

I am not using cc or paypal.

Is there a way to fix that?

thank you

I had this a while ago on 2.2.5 took a while to figure it out and I didnt get the answer in the end, cs said it was host and host said it was cs, but between them they sorted it, but I had a feeling it was a server setting

I assume you are you using php mail , if so try and change to smtp mail in settings general.

i have used both, php and smtp but with the same results.

what's even stranger is that when i was using the free version, the smtp solution worked perfectly and the instant i activated the full version, the delay started.

Hmmm, only a guess then but could be licence checking problems....long shot!

Get in touch with help desk and tell them it started after licence was activated, it may cost the odd credit but better than losing orders

My guess is that you have issues in your SMTP settings. Suggest you setup a mail client on your local computer (or use SSH and use the 'mail' command with the -v option) to diagnose the situation.

One of our customers contacted CS-Cart support team with the similar issue. And they fixed it