Checkboxes & Line Breaks

I am setting up a large store with 2.0.8, and I have two things I hope can be done.

First, I have many options available on some items, and setting up checkboxes instead of drop downs would be extremely helpful & time saving. Only problem is, I cannot leave an item with a $0.00 price, so I have to set up the ensembles with a checkbox & have the checkbox already checked, so if the customer unchecks it, I can have the cart subtract the amount for the item from the entire ensemble price. BUT not ALL the checkboxes can be checked for there are additional options (such as engraving) that would put the final ensemble price sky high & probably scare off the customers. I need to be able to have “particular” checkboxes checked. Don’t know if this can be done…

Second…is there a way to have line breaks after each option for the orders in admin, & on customer receipts ? Of course without them, everything is all jumbled together, and with some complex orders including engraving, it can be confusing to sort it all out.

Thanks for any help or suggestions :wink:

Btw…I found out how to put a line break after options so it makes sense to view.


Line 5

{$po.option_name}:{$po.variant_name} {if $settings.General.display_options_modifiers == “Y”} {if !$skip_modifiers && $po.modifier|floatval} ({include file=“common_templates/modifier.tpl” mod_type=$po.modifier_type mod_value=$po.modifier display_sign=true}){/if}{/if}{if !$smarty.foreach.po_opt.last}[COLOR=“Red”]