Check Mark On Form Fields


would like to have something like this:

Green Check mark when field is filled properly


red X mark when field is not filled properly.


In cs-cart, the "properly" portion of your statement isn't done until form submission. Form fields have a micro-class that will validate the field when the form is submitted and either allow the submission to continue or put up an error message, outline the field is red and take the user back to that element.

To change that to validate immediately after it is entered would require you to develop the JS code (like in your codepen) for every field ID where you want to do that validation. And for those that don't require validation, only that they have value.

It would be a time consuming task to do, but is quite doable. However, given this is front-end dependent, and may require minor adjustments at nearly every cs-cart release.

If it's one form or a specific type of form field, then cost would be reduced significantly.

Feel free to contact me via the link in my signature with your specific requirements and I'll be happy to give you a quote.

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