Check Configuration?


Thanks in advance for any help. I’m trying to set up my cart to take checks. I set up my account to do that and then tried to set it up in CS Cart.

I went under the payment method section and set it up there by checking the “Avail” box and by doing the config stuff with the hash number and setting it as “live.”

But when I go to the store and try to purchase a produce that way, it has “check” as an option under “credit card” but when I select “check” it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t change forms to ask for the routing number and all that check information. It just stays as a credit card.

Please help? Thanks.

How do you intend on processing your payments by “Check”? I mean do you intend on having customers mail a check to you that you will deposit into your bank account? Or, is your intention to do this via an EFT through an online processor? I know you mentioned, however, I know the online check processing they offer is an option seperate from there standard credit card merchant account.