Changing URL Path With SEO Addon

Good Afternoon all, I am just wondering of the dramatic effect on search results if I was to change the SEO addon to NOT include categories and instead just list Will our rankins drop dramatically or will Google and other search engines be pretty quick to alter the urls. I am wondering too if the will be better for SERPS instead of having all categories too!

Thank you all

the general opinion is that the sitename/product_name is the best way to go but this is also affected by how important your category names are and overall keyword relevance and info in your page.

As for the category thing this is where you could have problems as Google will 404 the page. Now in itself 404s are not a problem to Google and you do not suffer penalties from G for that because Google expects Billions of web pages to be moved and deleted etc every day… but you would probably see a big drop of traffic if you do it sitewide without using 301 redirects etc.

You could do a redirect for it all in .htaccess with the likes of this below;

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^old_category/(.*) [url="$1"]http://www.example.c...new_category/$1[/url] [R=301,L]

[color=#555555]Change old_category to yours, to your site and new_category to your new category name [/color][color=#555555]you will need more rules depending on how many categories you are changing, try it yourself first with just one category and follow the old seo name.[/color]

It may be that you need this

RewriteRule ^old_category/?(.*)$ new_category/$1 [R=301,L]

[color=#555555]Depending on whether they are moved to all one directory or you want them to different individual ones.[/color]

I am not redirect expert but used this last year when mine changed. Hope it works.


To be honest I just wish for all products to have their categories removed. :-( Looking into the .htaccess thingy thanks Johnbol1