Changing to innodb and Percona

Currently I am using myISAM tables in a mySQL database however due to the needs on my forum site I will be changing from mySQL to Percona which is better for innoDB tables.

My question is…does anyone know if this will impact my CS-CART installation? I guess I will have to change the tables from myISAM to innodb.

Are there any problems that anyone knows of or anything I need to do…thanks

Just checking that you know, you can keep both table types in a database. So you can leave cscart as myisam change forum tables to innodb.

Thanks Shikhar

Yes I know however I believe Percona is better with innodb…so I am told.

I have moved to my new server now which has Percona on it and the cart seems to be working ok so just wondering now whether the change to innodb would improve the cart's performance even more

Dear ibaker,

We have plans to move CS-Cart DB engine to Innodb. Can you please let us know if you experienced any problems with the new configuration? Positive feedback is also much appreciated.

Hi Imac,

May I know the reason to move Cs-cart to innodb ? will it optional or mandatory.

I have used innodb in past. But I used it because of foreign key supports.

One drawback with innodb is their index storage, which keeps on growing and one day you have to drop the database and create a new one.

Positive is ofcourse the row-level locks.



Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe another benefit of InnoDB is the ability to take a live backup of the database without having to lock the db.

Row level locking is double edge sword. Great for inserts and updates but can make long running selects even longer. Not sure of performance impacts of joins, but cart does most queries with multiple joins.

The main reason we consider switching to Innodb is row-level locks.

From time to time, we receive complaints about slow SQL queries execution blocking the store.

We have analyzed a lot of information sources about MyISAM vs. Innodb. At the moment, we have the following points in the regarding Innodb:


  • Innodb requres tuneup in some cases whereas MyISAM works out of the box
  • Possible problems with big index files
  • Many developers still think that MyISAM is faster for big data than Innodb

  • Row-level locks. This should solve the domino effect—when one heavy query locks other queries
  • Innodb is still under active development and becoming faster and more stable with every release, whereas MyISAM development is over
  • Foreign keys. There are a lot of problems because of data normalization fails
  • The default storage of MySQL since 5.5 is Innodb

At this stage we have moved to our new server and are using Percona. The theory is that Percona whilst better for innoDB is no good for myISAM. We have left CS-Cart as myISAM and have found no ill effects so whilst it is performing well we have put the conversion over to innoDB of the CS-Cart tables on hold for the time being.

We run a couple of Xenforo forum web sites which use 95% innodb with a couple of myISAM tables which was the reason for going to Percona. Because we moved to a faster server we can't say what part of the great performance we are now getting has come from using Percona or the new server…either way, all our sites are blistering fast for us including our CS-Cart installation

thanks for the update. Would have loved to see an incremental performance assessment for each component (hardware, percona, innodb) but…