changing the way my site looks

I know the below site is a cs-cart store im kinda curious on two things how in the main tabs as such


Deck Import

Wish List Import

Monthly Specials

Shipping / Delivery

Cardhoarder — Magic: the Gathering Online MTGO Superstore.

not sure if this is any kind of custom job

thanks for any insight

The above is not my store but i do like the idea of the tabs on the homepage

Hi, not sure if this will help but codingstaff have an add-on for product extra tab. Might be able to add it as a block on the front page but without the product. I'm sure they could change it for you at a very good price. I've work with them and they have been really good.

Good luck with your project.


the tabs are only for the homepage

meant only for homepage not the products

bump i think this feature is in the admin panel to do the tabs like this can anyone provide insight??