Changing the Size of Blocks= Editing image.tpl?

What’s up carters? I need to force the size of my top banner block to 1000px wide. Here’s what I did:

I’m using an XML controlled .swf file to display a Flash Banner. This one: [COLOR=“Slate”][URL=“”][/URL][/COLOR] I set it as a banner (Admin Panel - Content>Banners) and then set that banner to the top section of my Home Page (Admin Panel - Design>Blocks>Home Page>Top). I broke the div away from the rest of the layout with CSS (styles.css) so that it sits between the navigation and the main content. Everything’s great except I can’t change the width of the banner-block. It’s stuck at 600px!

The .swf file is the right size. It seems like the size of that block is fixed somewhere else and called by the image.tpl.

Here’s the suspect code:

```php {if $flash_vars}

quality="high" wmode="transparent" {if $image_width}width="{$image_width}"{/if}
{if $image_height}height="{$image_height}"{/if} allowScriptAccess="sameDomain"
{if $flash_vars}FlashVars="{$flash_vars}"{/if} />

{/if} ```

Can I add a hook or something to this ,tpl to force it to the size I need? You Smarty gurus gotta help me out with this one!

When I view source in my browser, it shows:

[COLOR="Red"]width="600" height="300"[/COLOR]>

quality="high" wmode="transparent" [COLOR="Red"]width="600"
height="300"[/COLOR] allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-
shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""


So you can see that something is still telling my browser that the object width and height are 600px and 300px. It should get the size from the .swf file and let 'er rip, but it's not cooperating. The other thing I'm afraid of is, since it's an XML driven .swf file, is that cs cart is reading it's default size from the .swf, embedding it and ignoring the resize controller within the XML.

Do you think I could manually embed the flash in the Design>Site Layout>Text displayed on the store home page: section?

Sorry I can't link to a live site, I'm still editing on my local machine until i figure this out.

Wow. The solution was a whole lot simpler than I thought it would be. I didn’t realize that you could add html to any block. Sheesh.

Instead of the above craziness, I just made an html page that handles all the flash stuff and shoved it into the block instead of the round-about nonsense of making it into a banner first. I was focusing on the .swf instead of the big picture.

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