Changing the colour of the top menu


I am new to cs-cart, but experienced at web design. I have downloaded a trail version of the basic skin and am changing the skin to suite my client. From my knowledge of CSS i started by finding and changing the elements in the style sheets - only to find they did not work (except managed to change the page background colour!!). So went onto your knowledge base and found ‘changing the colour of the top menu’. I followed all the instructions and even re-coloured the top_tab_right and left .gifs.

with no change in appearence. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Kindest regards Paul

Tried clearing the cache?

Yep, cleared the cache, reloaded the page - nothing

The cache in your shop?

How to clear cache: Type,

If you are using the knowledge base than you are using the My Changes addon right?

If so, then make sure that your My Changes addon is active in your Admin => Administration => Addons

Also, be sure you are saving the files in the right paths.

You will also have to create a folder to put your new images into. That folder should be:


If you are still having problems, maybe post a link so we can see what is going on.


Also, hint = clear browser cache as well when making CSS changes

Thank you guys - clearing the cache in the shop worked. I’m beginning to get the idea that the colour change is more a case of altering the colour of the design elements than altering the colour via css. Thanks very much for your help. Cheers Paul