Changing The Category To Be Displayed In The Breadcrumbs Has No Effect On The Preview Url

Hi there,

Each of my products have multiple categories.

The preview URL feature seems to be stuck at the original category assigned for breadcrumbs

Changing the category to be displayed in the breadcrumbs has no effect on the preview URL

I would have expected the preview URL to change to show assigned breadcrumb category

In my SEO addon for URL format of my product I have category_name/[subcategory_name]/product_name.html

I have tried clearing the cache multiple times

Changing the category to be displayed in the breadcrumbs does affect the front-end URL immediately

Is this intended behaviour?

When you say “changing the category to be displayed in the breadcrumbs”, what do you mean? Is this a new setting that will allow you to force a product_detail page to utilize a category other than the “primary category” in SEO module?

Sorry, just a bit confused about what you are really trying to accomplish.

Hi tbirnseth,

There is no new setting only the Category field in the Product update page. When I add multiple categories here and select a primary category it does not update the preview URL with this new selected category

So for example I add a product and add it to the category Dogs,save and my preview URL is the following


I then update the product and add it to 2 more categories like Cats and Birds.

Now if I choose Cats as the new main category by choosing another radio button in my Category field, my preview URL will still be the dog category and not the cat on I would presume it would be


Hopefully that is clearer

Okay, but why do you care what it's doing in the preview? The goal of the preview is to review the “end point”, not necessarily the path to get there. I guess the important thing is what the customer view looks like. If you're requiring a category in the path then it would always be specified.

Or are you saying if you do something like that what is displayed in breadcrumbs is something like: other_category → product?