Changing Text On The Checkout Steps For 'billing Options'

Hi all,

I have been working on my new website for a while now and in the beginning, I managed to find out how to change the side text under Billing Options at Checkout. At the time, I was only going to use PayPal so the text explained how to pay using credit cards via the PayPal gateway as we found this to be the cause of a few abandoned purchases. Now, I am offering credit card payment via a merchant account but I can't, for the life of me, remember how I changed it. I have spent all evening searching for it so I am appealing to your superior knowledge for help.

I have attached a photo in case my ramblings don't make sense. I also changed the text on the 'Telephone Ordering' tab and would like to amend this too.

While I am here, if anyone knows how to put the Credit Card radio button above PayPal, I would be forever grateful.

Unfortunately no photos were attached to the post. But looks like you are talking about the Payment instructions field, which can be found on the payment details page. Please check

To change payment methods position, use the drag and drop feature on the Payment methods page

THANK YOU!! I kept looking under the Credit Card method and this was blank but it was hiding under PayPal. Thank you for saving me time :)

You we welcome!