Changing Text In Form


I oblige my customers to create an account before getting from the basket to checkout.

If they are not logged in a popup appears where you can login or create a new account.

A lot of my customers try to put in a email and pw and don't understand they have to clock on "add new account ("Neues Benutzerkonto registrieren" in German).

I would like to put this link above the email and pw boxes or at least to write it bigger or/and in red.

How ist this possible?

After adding a new account you don't get back to the basket but to your account. Is. it possible to change this so you get back to the basket?

Tank you and best!


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Well, I don't speak German but normally a login page has a parameter named 'return_url' and it's set to the URL of the page that invoked the login. However, if the user is registering, I don't believe there is a standard (distributed) way to track the original page to return to.

Login template is located here


The required part is

{if $style == "popup"}