Changing Tax State

Hi Everyone,

We are moving to a new state and need to change our tax rate and state. I did all the changes in the Shipping?taxes thing but it still seems to charge tax on the same state?

All I did was edit the name from IN (indiana) to KY (Kentucky) and change the rate from 7% to 6%. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks


Hi Again Guys,

I also see where it was edited in “Locations” it shows USA (Indiana). I am guessing when the cart was setup this was used to show our base state? But I do not see how this can be edited to show our new state (Kentucky) and how to change this?


Hi folks,

This was something I was struggling with today but the answer is straight-forward:

(1) Shipping/Taxes → Locations: <> <>

(2a) Shipping/Taxes → Taxes → <> OR <>

(2b) General Tab:

(i) Name the tax sensibly

(ii) Choose correct “Rates depend on:” popup value

(2c) Tax Rate Tab:

(i) Choose the Location you created

(ii) Set the correct rate

(iii) Save!

That’s it! Best wishes!

  • Jerr