Changing stock to available.

Dear cs-users,

I am trying to change the “stock” option to available, smae goes for “no stock” to “unavailable”. I am using the basic template and presently would like my products to reflect this change. Any assistance is greatly apreciated. Thank you.

Hello lgrullon,

In order to realize such a feature, please take these steps:

  1. In the administration panel, click on the “Languages” link in the “Administration” tab.
  2. Enter the “in_stock” phrase (without quotes) into the “Search for pattern” input field under the “Translations” tab and click the “Search” button on the page.
  3. Edit the found language variable and click the “Save” button to apply the changes.

    Repeat these steps in order to translate the “out_of_stock” language variable.

    Anastasiya Kozlova

    CS-Cart Support Team

Thank you, I think I found it thanks for your comment.