changing statuses options effect on previous orders

If, say, a status decreases or increases inventory, and that is changed, do all the previous orders of that status change the inventory? Or would I need flip/flop that individual orders status to something else then back again?

Also, if it’s changed can it accidentally doubly increase or decrease?

For example, suppose Order1 is set to MyStatus which decreases (allocates) inventory. Then the MyStatus settings are changed to increase (unallocate) inventory.

Now I go to Order1 and change it to Completed, which is supposed to decrease inventory. Now since MyStatus is currently set to increase (but was set to decrease when Order1 was put into it), will it think it’s going to need to decrease again since it’s going into Completed (decreasing) status? Or will it know that Order1 status inventory started out as decreasing (allocating), so won’t decrease again?

Does the order itself store if its items were allocated or not? Or is that only dictated by the order status alone so by itself the order doesn’t know without it’s status?

(i got so backasswards on decrease/allocate increase/unallocate while writing that, sorry if I mixed it up somewhere, I can’t even tell right now)