Changing skins

Does changing a skin cause any problems?

I have no mods to worry about, but dont want to change and then find I have major issues.

Presumably I can switch back to my current skin and all will be as it was, if something unforseen happens, is this correct?

Generally, yes. If you’ve not made any template changes then you should be fine. And yes, selecting your prior skin should return you to the same look and behavior you had before.


Might be a good practice to update templates under all skins you have installed everytime you make template change. More work I guess when you're updating/modifying a template, but at least it always the keeps the site working the way you want no matter what the skin!

my 2-cents

@bijalvp - you're commenting on a year old post.

Using hooks is the best way to adjust templates. They then apply to any installed skin.