Changing Primary Currency

Dear CS cart users,

I have a quick question.

I have three different currencies in my store, (USD, EUR and our local ISK)

When we opened the store few years ago the default primary currency (and at the time, the only currency offered) was the USD.

Now we have three currencies running effectively and successfully.

Today, I want to change the primary default currency to be ISK and modify all the prices of the product to be correct (change list prices and shipping prices etc to be in ISK).

However, the only problem is how it affects older invoices… even if I keep the same currency ratio, the older invoices will still be calculated from the previous primary currency.

Can you explain to me how I can modify older invoices to be correct.

Let me know if you want me to elaborate further what I mean :)


unfortunately, there is no easy way to correct old prices because they are stored in multiple database tables like cscart_orders, cscart_order_details, etc.

for correction it is needed to develop a script which makes recalculation of prices per every order or you may try to correct prices manually directly in the database or using CS-Cart export/import functionality for orders

you can try to do changes yourself and we strongly recommend to make database backup in advance

additionally, if you have difficulties with it, we are at your service

best regards,

WSA team

We can also help you with the required script which will convert old orders data. Feel free to contact us