Changing positions in product image

Good day to all,

I'm trying to change the appearance of products. The idea is to exchange the product reference image from right to left. (Attachment preview)

The link is:

Appreciate the help if anyone knows, or do you recommend something.

Thank you very much.

Change position image referential in products.jpg

Does anyone know what files you have to edit?

I think this is a customized skin. Have you contacted the developer?

You should check the files under:


Hello, cscartrocks. Thanks for responding.

Entr to the path that tells me and I see several files:

  • modern_long_options_template.tpl
  • default_template.tpl
  • modern_template.tpl
  • old_style_long_options_template.tpl
  • old_style_template.tpl

    The checked them all, one by one, but I see no part, showing the dimensions (width-height) of the reference image for each product.

    Are you sure you are these files?

    I await your response.

    Thank you very much in advance.

Good day to all.

I write for autoresponder.

I could not change the image position (from right to left) but if I where I want to align and adjust its size.

To align the image file should look modern_template.tpl

skins> basic> customer> blocks> product_templates

Locate the line #24

In “margin-left:” assigned to the pixels you want.

To change the size of the image must enter:

Admin Panel> Settings> Thumbnails

Detailed product image width

Detailed product image height


That's it: D