Changing Pictures on the Slide Show

Can anyone take a quick look at my site and tell me where the photo's on the home page are located in the backend so that i can change them.

my site is

Thank you!

Well, I am not sure if you mean where the photos are on your server or your slide show. If you want to change photos on your slide show, you would do the same as you did with the current ones. Design>Blocks>Home Page and then change your slide show settings.Either add or remove banners.

You can add new banners by… Website>Banners click “add banner”. Fill in the fields and select “graphic banner”. You can then choose “local” to upload a file or photo from your computer.

Hope this helps. :grin:

Hi Jimmyod,

Thanks for the reply, it might help, I'll see if I can do that. I looked before but I couldn't find the slide show pic anywhere. I didn't put them up originally, a web design office did my whole site but they've closed down. Anyway, it's good for me to be able to do these things by myself. I'll let you know!

The actual name of the block that contains your slide show may be named something different. I would think your designer would have used a name relative to its function. You will have to click on the “gear” (block options) of each block to see what is inside.

Good luck.