Changing LESS Styles With My_Changes Addon

Hello All,

I am trying to change some css styles for a theme I am working on in cs-cart 4.0.2 and am a little confused by the new LESS CSS used.

I have added my LESS CSS file following the cs-cart doc found here: [url=“”][/url] and have the following files created:

design > themes > basic > css > addons > styles.less
design > themes > basic > templates > addons > my_changes > hooks > index >

In “” I have the following code:

{style src="addons/my_changes/styles.less"}

In my “styles.less” CSS file I pasted the CSS from the “scheme.less” file, just to make experimentation easier. The “scheme.less” file I found in

design > themes > basic > css > scheme.less

Now for the issue, whenever I make a change to my styles.less file nothing changes on the site. I have cleared my browser cache, the cart cache and anything else I can think of…

Am I missing some vital step here or doing something wrong?