Changing Images To Https

Hello All-

I am trying to have my website show completely secure and it is not. I realize that some of images are still linking to http.

I used a website checker and was told to add this code to my .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} mywebsite\.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1[R,L]

My question is, where in that file do I add it? I am barely qualified to do this stuff but somehow have managed to keep my site going, thanks to all of you knowledgeable folks.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


SO your website is already https ? and you just have some images linking to http so you dont need to add anything else to your .htaccess.

what version are you using to be sure

If so, then in that case just view page source to find the images do ctrl+F to find http:// and then go to the images in admin and replace the link with https://

or if the images are all local on your server then you dont have to use

https://www.pathto your image.jpg

you can just use /pathto your image.jpg

I find an issue when uploading images using the built in image uploader in admin that it doesnt add https:// but only http://

Yes, I have a valid certificate and there are images that are linking up to http. The actual site says "Connection to your site is not fully secure" and it is images linking back to http.

I am on version 4.9.3 SP1

Where in my admin do I replace the link to https://. Would it be in my control panel of website?

Thanks for your help johnbol1.

You don’t specify what kind of images/pages these are. My bet is that they are not product pages but rather pages that have full http paths to images.

I apologize. You are correct The Tool. They are "a hrefs" and I am only inspecting the home page. So my entire site may be full of this.

the likleyhood is all your links and product images are handled to https:// by the htaccess file and cs cart if you are on 4.9

So all it could be are just images, and could possibly be just images you uploaded using the built in file upload. Just start with homepage then move on to categories.

it usually just images that you have ulpoaded to homepage or content pages yourself. Youll probably find its not that many when you start to look.

whats the web url

URL is

Yes, I did upload them via file upload. Not sure HOW to change them from http to https though.

Images generated by CS-Cart are https. But you have images and links added manually. For example, HTML blocks or custom menu items. You should change URLs there

eComLabs, thank you for the reply.

That makes sense now. Thank you all for taking the time to help me!

You are welcome!