Changing hosts - propagation period

I’m in the process of changing hosts and wanted to check before I switched over the DNS. I presume that before it fully propagates, some orders will be placed on my old host. How do I get into the orders? Right now if I try to go into my admin using the IP it will redirect to the URL. I presume this will continue until I switch DNS and then I have to change the config file to reflect the IP. I am very confused as to how this switch over is going to happen without losing order info. Can someone please clarify for me?:confused: Thanks!


You could always “suspend” the cart from taking orders.

There is a “Holiday” thread on here and the code is very simple, plus once it is done you have a tick box for future use.

I have installed it and it works a treat because it only stops people adding to the cart and does not close the store front.