Changing Font Size Of Links

Why is link text in descriptions always so miserably small ?

Is there a way to change it ?

I am using TinyMCE editor.

I found it in Themes but ended up with my store

defaulting to Demo Store ( or rather my logo replaced

with 'Demo Store' )

When ever I edited the theme CS-Cart kept asking for

a new name to save it under so I backed out.

After years of using CS-Cart some things just puzzle

the heck out of me.

Not really sure why there are 2 Modern themes for my

main layout ( see attached image ).

Maybe I was tinkering earlier and forgot.

I guess I will just have to live with it for now.


You have two layout with the Main name, but only one is active. Second layout can be accessible with the special link (it is used for test purposes)

To save custom CSS for your layout you should specify new name for the style. Do not worry, nothing will be changed after that since new style will be copied from the selected one

Thank you. I will give it a shot when I feel brave enough :)