Changing emails to jane.doh

I am having a problem where cs-cart is suddenly changing emails but only on one of my payment options, any suggestions.

Thank you


Is this payment method is one of the default ones?

Yes it is one of my default ones, and the app for Eway is available from cs-cart as standard, and I have checked all my registration input and they are correct.
I never had this problem until I upgraded my cs-cart to the latest version.
I did ask cs-cart through a ticket, but was told because I do not have a current subscription with them, that I would have to search through the forum for an answer. The last one I found within the forum was in 2021 with exactly the same problem but none of the links are actually still working.
I do understand about the subscription when it comes to something I wish to do, but do not understand, when this is not a problem I have actually not created.
Thank you

Thanks for the reply.

Please describe your issue in as much detail as possible. Exactly what payment method you use, what is the scenario in which this issue can be reproduced, etc.

The only reason I can currently think of that could cause this behaviour is the fact that the email profile field at the checkout is not mandatory in your store, so some customers leave it blank and CS-Cart generates a fake email for them so as not to leave this field blank.