Changing email notifications to users

Hi, I am running v1.3.4-sp3.

I am trying to figure out how to change the email notifications that are sent to users after they complete a checkout in my store.

Right now it is some standardized one. I would like to customize this email but cannot find the area to do so in the backend. Where is this?

Also, is it possible to customize email notifications for a specific product or category? Can I make a different email response for one product in my inventory versus all the rest?


You can edit the corresponding template in the /skins/CLIENT_SKIN/mail/ folder

I poked around in the mail folder and still couldn’t find what I was looking for, or couldn’t recognize what I was looking for. Can you be more specific, and what part of the template am I modifying to update my letter?

If you want to change the email heading or the text that appears above the invoice, you can change those in Order Statuses (statuses “O” and “P”).

If you want to change the invoice layout, you need to adjust /YOUR_SKIN/mail/order/invoice.tpl.

If you want to change the text that appears below the invoice, search for “customer_text_letter_footer” in Languages and make your changes in the Value field.