Changing Discount Calculation

My store is set up with a list price, and we frequently have additional discounts, such as an extra 10% off.

When calculating the discount, CS Cart takes the most recent discount, e.g. 10%, instead of the total discount:

List Price: £100

Old Price: £60

Current Price: £54

CS Cart would show this as 10% Off, save £6

I would like it to show 46% Off, save £46

Is this possible? Anyone have any ideas on where I would start?

I have looked in fn.catalog and tried a couple of tweaks but to no avail.

So what you're saying is you want to discount the “List price” and not the “Price”? If so, I recall someone else requesting this but I do not remember if there was a solution. Search the forum.

Yes that's correct, I had a look but couldn't see anyone who has managed it. I have hacked something together using jquery but it is not ideal!