Changing default values for adding new products

Hey everyone,

I wanted to know how I can change some of the default values when adding new products. There are a couple, such as “Inventory” that I want to default to “no Tracking” and I wanted to have my CA Taxes checked by default (if possible).

Can someone point me as to which file would have those settings?


Create a back up then edit as appropriate:



{if $product_data.tracking == "O"}
{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$lang.edit but_href="product_options.inventory?product_id=`$product_data.product_id`" but_role="edit"}

This will set tracking to 'No Tracking' with a default quantity to 0.

Hey StellarBytes… perfect… I was able to modify both settings… That will save me a few clicks each time I add a new product

Thank you