Changing CS Cart 4 Dashboard?

Hey guys, so we’ve recently started migrating our 3.0.6 install of CS Cart to 4.0.2, and one of the biggest gripes we’ve always had has been the dashboard.

The new dashboard is better, but also worse in some ways! For example, the old one showed a couple lines of what had been ordered, this one shows no product at all! And the chart showing sales/visits doesn’t say what stats its comparing? Is it year over year or something completely different?

We’re hoping theres a way to modify the template files for the admin dashboard somehow, does anyone know where I could find these files? I’ve looked all over design/backend/ but can’t find what I’m searching for.

Any help would be appreciated :)


Thanks The Tool, that’s excellent! :) I was able to modify this file to show 30 orders at a glance based on the set date range. However, it appears that CS Cart has removed the snippet about what products were in each order, like we could see on 3.0.6… any ideas on how to restore this functionality? :)

I haven't messed with 3.x nor 4.x much but here is the code for 3.0.6:

{capture name="order_products"}
{foreach name="order_items" from=$order.items item="product"}
{$product.product} x {$product.amount}
{if !$smarty.foreach.order_items.last}, {/if}

Taking a quick look at 4.0.3, I would probably insert it after:

{include file="common/price.tpl" value=$}

Hmm, just as I suspected; this function no longer seems to work, as they’ve separated the order details (with products purchased) to a new table (cscart_order_details) instead of storing that snippet with the orders as they seem to have been doing in 3.0.6… will have to do some digging :( Thanks for your help though!

I don't see any drastic changes in the data base for order data.

Seeing that there is a class defined, you may need to add it to the styles.less file.?

.orders .product-name {
color: #777;
padding: 4px 0 0;

Hi the Tool, it was confirmed here that CS Cart developers have removed this functionality -

They want us to pay to put it back, we shall see if we can't get it to work ourselves… :confused:

It's obvious that they removed it (typical CSCart).

Have you tried what I posted?

I have been working on this today for a similar purpose (adding affiliate tracking code sitewide with order details exclusively generated on the 'checkout.complete' page.

Unfortunately CS-Cart for whatever reason have changed the code required which did work (similar to The Tool's code above using the same variable names) in both V2 and V3.

To get the order products, I used:-

{foreach from=$order_info.products item="oi" key="key"}

A few variables in relation to orders have changed in V4, I suggest you take a look at /design/backend/templates/views/orders/details.tpl to get a feel for the new variables.

Still haven't got what I require to do working the way I want it to though.

We've put in a support ticket request… hopefully we don't end up having to pay to get something that already exists in older versions of the software put back into a new version :confused:

In v4, it is $order_info.items. actually the orders were always items, the car was changed from products to items.

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