Changing Button Text

Looking at the code, I see a reference like this:


This implies, at least to me, that there is a file somewhere where we can customize button text. It seems that I’ve looked in every folder imaginabile and cannot locate this file. Does anyone know where it might be?

I guess I should clarify that the store owner wants the text change and I’ve looked at all of the smarty templates and php files that have potential to be related to this request … I think.


Search for the text phrase & change as desired

That was a quick and useful reply. Thank you for your help.


[quote name=‘MarjWyatt’]That was a quick and useful reply. Thank you for your help.


Time is money (of which I am short on both)! :cool:

You are welcome!

Hi, i was also interested in changing the copy on the add to cart button but it looks like the content/languages file was moved and i’m having a tough time finding it. Would you happen to know how to edit the copy in version 2.015? thank you.

whoops nevermind. figured it out. for some reason i read that to mean the folder structure and not the menus from the cs-cart menu. probably cuz i’m an idiot :wink: