Changing Amounts Or Removin A Product In Order Doubles Discount

Hi, I think I found a bug - I had cart promotions based on Order subtotal and as a bonus Discount on products. I found that changing something in an order with such promotions my cause to double discounts. It obviously happens during editing an order - removing some products (but I think that not only - once it happened just after I clicked edit order) - then if total amount drops it will add previous (lower) promotion but will also keep the higher promotion.

For example:
the subtotal is equal or higher than 1000 and equal or less than 1999,99, the bonus is 10% of the product price
the subtotal is equal or higher than 2000, the bonus is 12% of the product price

If the subtotal is higher than 2000 and by editing products amounts on admin panel the subtotal drops below 2000, the bonus will be 22% instead 10%.

I tested that also on official demo store http://demo.cs-cart.comso it can't be just a problem with my installation.

Please post this issue to the bug tracker

I did, but nothing happens there.

I did, but nothing happens there.

CS-Cart team will review and back to you. But this is not a fast process. It can take up to 30 days