Changes When Upgrading To 4.12 - Options And Variations

Has anyone had issues/complications with their products using Options when upgrading Multi-Vendor from 4.11 to 4.12. We are trying to prepare for an upgrade, and need to know what will happen to our vendor's products. Will they all automatically change to individual products under variations tab? Or can we keep those "Options" intact?



Have you successfully been able to get your vendors to use the Product Variations function? We haven't been able to successfully launch it because our vendors find it confusing, un-intuitive and time consuming to try and create different variations.

This how Etsy tracks options inventory on a single product which was the same way it worked in CS-Cart before they deprecated it. It's quick and easy.

In CS-Cart having to create a new product every time you want to simply track a size or color of an option in inventory is crazy. Especially since our vendors don't have pictures of every possible combination of options.


I have not seen any place that is easy to use in the administration panel of cs-cart. the stores also cannot use most things.
-The promotion manegement is very confusing ,
-Product editing is too complicated for stores,
You have to train to use this panel. but in modern market places, you can use everything by browsing the menus.
We've already said it a thousand times, because this panel sucks, they don't care too much.
I don't think they've reviewed the admin panel of any popular site to make things easier for our customers.
Cs-cart policy don't ask, just use

I think in this case I'm disappointed they actively made it worse. They had what seemed to be a straight-forward and easy way to track inventory by option variant. Then they deprecated the easier way to instead create a much more confusing and labor intensive way to do "product variations".

What's mostly shocking is why they would deprecate something that was working. If the new way they created is better for some marketplaces then by all means build it for their use case, but there's no reason why they couldn't offer both ways of tracking inventory so the marketplaces can decide what they want to expose to their vendors.

The unfortunate reality is if we can't find an easy we for our vendors to track inventory on their options we will have to move to another platform.

I'm trying to find a developer now that can re-build what they have deprecated, but have been unsuccessful so far.