Changes to product layout

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I believe that this can be done, but would take quite a bit more “custom” coding to do, especially if you want the dynamic “Add selections to box”…

It looks like you are pretty close to that now…and if you know html and css you can make the layout look like the sample site. It would be a matter of rearranging the “tables” and “divs” so that the product/cart info is all on one “row” or

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    If you “View Source” on that page you can get a good idea of how they did it and then just set your page up the same way (of course their stylesheet would be different and you’d have to create the same effect in your stylesheet)…

    here is a sample of one “item” row from their site:


  • Watermelon Seedless Kg


    $2.50 Ea


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    Hey WebGuy, you know, it’s not that I’m not nice to him. Just worried about some people who uses nulled script and still want to get support.

    If we are so generous to provide such kind of support to those people, I think the cs-cart members will suffer from the result.

    Obviously, this is not the right place to ask that question.

    Anyway, thanks for your input on this problem. Your help is invaluable.

    Yeah I’m just giving you a hard time Joe :slight_smile:

    [QUOTE]If we are so generous to provide such kind of support to those people, I think the cs-cart members will suffer from the result.[/QUOTE]

    My thinking is that if we answer all the questions as best we can, then others who are in this section and haven’t bought CS-CART yet will see the great forum support and buy in. Every post we answer and help people promotes the use of CS-CART.

    [QUOTE]Obviously, this is not the right place to ask that question.[/QUOTE]

    Well I just wrtie it off as a “newbie” post and he wasn’t sure where he was or where he was supposed to post.

    I like your positive view…

    Welcome aboard! I should’t reply to your thread as the first one. I should let your thread sink. Sorry about this, really.

    [QUOTE]I will try tinkering with that - just where will i put that code though? (which template)?

    It’s all a bit confusing at the moment, but it’s getting clearer all the time.[/QUOTE]

    Yes, it does take awhile to get used to the way this all works but once you have that “epiphany” it gets easier.

    Ok, so you have 3 Categories, when you click on one of the categories this presents a Product List in that category. If you look at the categories.tpl you will see where and how your products are listed on that page:

    [QUOTE]{if $products}

    {if $settings.Appearance.columns_in_products_list > 1}

    {include file=“products_pages/products.tpl” title=“”}

    {elseif $settings.Appearance.advanced_products_list == ‘Y’ && $client_env.is_javascript == ‘Y’}

    {include file=“products_pages/products_advanced.tpl” title=“”}


    {include file=“products_pages/products.tpl” title=“”}


    This code basically says this:

    If the settings in Admin > Appearance - “Number of columns in the product list” is set to greater than 1 it will use/include the products.tpl otherwise/else

    if the settings in Admin > Appearance - “Show advanced product list template with ability to add several products to the cart at once” is CHECKED it will use the products_advanced.tpl

    So really it means if the "Show advanced is “UNCHECKED” it will use the products.tpl template.

    So the layout you want for Product List in Categories will be either one of these 2 templates, depending on your Appearance settings.

    Play around with those and I think it will help you see what needs to be done to get the layout you want. You might have to add Tables/Rows to do this 'cause right now it’s “divs” and stylesheet.

    Either way is fine I would just work with whatever is easier for you to accomplish what you need.