Changes Order Statuses Slow Loading

Hi to all. I have a problem in the last days. When the customer press the submit order button the loading icon is shown about 1:30 minute and after redirect to complete order page. And i see the same problem in administration panel when i change the order statuses but ok with this i dont have big problem the problem is on the frontend and when the customer press the complete order button


Please try disable all third party addons and check.

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disable mail sending for status and re check

We have a similar issue..the CPU usage just goes off the roof..100% usage whenever we put tracking information and mark the orders as shipped. We tried taking off the ticks to disable mail checking, but the same result.

in fact, the slowness of status updates you are talking about in the admin panel is there even in the cs-cart demo store which apparently is on a dedicated server. So something is wrong inherently with the cs-cart code itself.

When i disable mail sending the status change very very fast