Changes in Global Options

We have a product with about 600 listings. Each listing has an option to choose 1 of 4 sizes. Each size is associated with a specific weight. We now need to adjust the weight of each of these sizes. When I select a few and try to modify them globally checking the box “weight”, it only gives the first size weight to change. How can I change the weight of each size on each listing. Or, do I have to change all 600 individually. Thanks, pushpins

We just upgraded to the latest version of CS Cart

Can you explain a little more please pushpins. Is it global options you are trying to change.Or are you selecting the 600 products in admin and then trying to “edit selected”

The reason I ask is it may be better to do it via csv.

so is it 1 product that you have 600 variations of. Each of the 600 variations have 4 options…right?

Can you expand a little or send us an image and well see what can be done


We sell fabric covered bulletin boards. The customer chooses the fabric they want, then when they click on the product page, there are several options they can choose, such as size (four), ribbon color, ribbon configuration, etc. When they choose their size (i.e., 24" x 36"), one of the variants is that it adds a set amount to the base bulletin board cost–for a 12" x 12", plus it adds a set amount to the base weight–1.75 lbs for a 12" x 12"). So the shipping calculation determines what the shipping cost will be. Because of USPS size restrictions (especially for shipping our 24x36 boards, the calculation was manipulated to charge for the sir charge and upped to over 18lbs. We have just changed to UPS and the actual shipping charge for UPS calculation does not have to include the sir charge. We hope this will save our customer a lot of shipping cost and keep from losing some other orders because of shipping costs. I was looking for a way to change the weight of our larger boards to the real weight in a global way. I know that I can change my global options–size/variants-- for all subsequent listings, but it looks like I will have to change each option variant in each individual listing that is already on the site, which is about 600.

Our site is Thanks for your help. Diana

I see, now I understand.

You want to be able to import or mass edit shipping weight modifiers. It cant be done on import but maybe via the database, which is beyond my knowledge to advise someone on Im afraid.


Thanks John for your help. I feel we will have to modify each listing. Thanks, Diana