Changed Server Problems

I am trying to move my store to a new server. I copied my store and saved it to my local computer. Exported the entire database to my local computer as well. Uploaded and installed everything and now when I click on any of my products or click catalog in the top menu I get an error 404 page can not be found. It is trying to go to the URL [url] is for sale | HugeDomains and this file is not a cs-cart file. If you click on a product it goes to a URL like [url] is for sale | HugeDomains which has never existed as a file in my cart. Actuall it seems that none of the links are working.

I tried adding a new category and the same problem occured.

[url] is for sale | HugeDomains

Any ideas?

Thank you.


the php extension quick links work (privacy, contact, return policy)

anything calling an html page (index.html?) is not working, which could be an htaccess, seo module problem, or a permissions.

I am not a programmer, just trying to help here…


Thanks Mike!.. I clicked off the SEO Module… Works like a champ!